Hotel Fürst Bismarck in Hamburg

Hotel Fürst Bismarck

Situated in the heart of downtown Hamburg, our individually run, three-star-superior hotel is the perfect place to stay for anyone visiting our beautiful Hanseatic city. Located in the city centre between the Alster Lake and the Elbe River, our hotel offers 102 comfortably furnished rooms and personalized service in a central location.

Our primary focus is on personally taking care of our guests, on supportive, friendly cooperation and on ensuring a treasured, peaceful stay in our hotel and in each and every room.
It's the details that are important to us: the pleasant chat at the reception desk, a princely breakfast, lovingly arranged antiques and upholding our traditions.


Rooms Hotel Fürst Bismarck in Hamburg

Our 102 bright and well-maintained rooms have contemporary and comfortable furnishings. Thanks to the use of friendly colours and abundant wood, a quiet, distinctive mood awaits you that ensures a relaxing, rejuvenating stay.



Our beautiful city on the Elbe is always worth a visit. Hamburg has a lot to offer - from cultural and leisure activities to shopping. See our magnificent harbour, visit the new Elbe Philharmonic Hall and savour our city's maritime flair. Stroll through the downtown area with its many canals and enjoy the views of the Alster and Elbe Rivers, or plunge into the thrilling nightlife on the Reeperbahn.

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14.12.2018Die Spieler - x-mas Special 2018
15.12.2018Oliver Polak - Der Endgegner
16.12.2018Weihnacht A Cappella - Mit dem Calmus Ensemble
16.12.2018Der kleine Prinz - Planetarium Hamburg
18.12.2018Der kleine Prinz - Planetarium Hamburg
18.12.2018Klassik Radio live in Concert 2018
22.12.2018De Fofftig Penns
22.12.2018St. Petri - Hamburger Bachchor
22.12.2018Holy Night Bingo! Vol. 4 mit Ricardo M.
23.12.2018Truck Stop - Die große Jubiläumstour
25.12.2018Fred Timm & Pensen Paletti
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28.12.2018Lemmyversary 2018 - feat. Motörizer & Support
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31.12.2018Orgelkonzert Silvester in St.Jacobi
01.01.2019Das Neujahrskonzert im Hamburger Engelsaal
03.01.2019Falco - Das Musical
04.01.2019Bibi & Tina - Das Konzert
05.01.2019A Tribute to SINATRA AND FRIENDS
05.01.2019Welt der Fantasie - EUROPATOUR
05.01.2019CAVALLUNA - Welt der Fantasie - EUROPATOUR 2019
06.01.2019CAVALLUNA - Welt der Fantasie - EUROPATOUR 2019
08.01.2019Das Original - Wiener Johann Strauß Konzert-Gala - K&K Ballett & K&K Philharmoniker
10.01.2019Ehrlich Brothers - Die Magie Show
10.01.2019TAO - Drum Heart
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12.01.2019Feuerwerk der Turnkunst: Connected Tour 2018/2019
13.01.2019STAR WARS in Concert - Das Imperium schlägt zurück
13.01.2019Die Nacht der 5 Tenöre
13.01.2019Staatliches Russisches Ballett Moskau - Schwanensee
19.01.2019Tony Christie - The Hits and Pop Nonsense - live mit Band
19.01.2019Queen Machine
23.01.2019Wizo: Schönheit des Verfalls
23.01.2019Eleftheria Arvanitaki
25.01.2019Helmut Lotti & The Golden Symphonic Orchestra
27.01.2019Bembers: Kaputt oder was?
30.01.2019Macbeth - Theater in englischer Sprache
01.02.2019Dinosaurier - Im Reich der Giganten in Hamburg
07.02.2019Holiday on Ice - die neue Show 2019 in Hamburg
11.02.2019Marsimoto - Green Tour 2019
14.02.2019Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY
18.02.2019Joan Baez: Fare Thee Well Tour 2018/2019
20.02.2019Marlene Jaschke: Nie wieder vielleicht
21.02.2019Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung: 1000 Jahre EAV - Abschiedstournee (die Erste) 2019
22.02.2019Marlene Jaschke: Nie wieder vielleicht
24.02.2019Heinz Rudolf Kunze & Verstärkung
24.02.2019Peter Pan - Das Nimmerlandmusical vom Theater Lichtermeer